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The world famous Sydney Harbour Bridge is the heart of Sydney

Whether you stroll from one end of the bridge to the other for free or you can do the Bridge Climb and go right over the top, Sydney Harbour Bridge is a magnificent way to see Sydney and make yourself some lifetime memories.

The construction of the iconic Sydney Bridge started in 1923 and the whole task was completed in 1932.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge was considered as the widest long span bridge until the 2012 and it was considered as the tallest structure in Sydney till 1967.

Now, not only pedestrians or cars but also trains are running over this iconic structure. The Sydney Harbour Bridge offers best view at the New Year’s Eve as the fireworks surround the globe.

If you want a pedestrian ride over the bridge then start from the pedestrian path on the eastern side and it will take 30 minutes to reach the end. But the view of Sydney Harbour will let you not ending this walk ever. You can also perform cycling over the bridge using western side.

The Bridge Climb
This is an experience you’ll never forget.
It’s one of the most famous things to do in Sydney as it offers the panoramic view of the whole city. But, before you head into this activity, make sure that you have already reserved your place. The classical Bridge Climb offering 3.5 hours of view is one of the best ride chosen by majority of the tourists.

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